10 Hints Short Sales are on Fire!

First - What is a Shortsale?

The best way to describe a short sale is a debt settlement. In a short sale the home owner owes the lender more than the property is worth. In order to sell the property, the lender has to agree to accept "short of what is owed". An example of this is a homeowner that owes $400,000 on the property when the house is only worth $150,000. The lender will agree to accept $150,000 as paid in full or settled. The lender agrees to forgive the balance of the loan.

In a short sale process the lender pays the real estate commissions to the real estate agents involved. Therefore the entire process is free of charge to the home owner. Call us for a free analysis to explore all of your options. Contact us.

10 Helpful Hints

  1. You'll never pay us a dime to short sale
  2. When we do Short Sale right away, and all clients get money for relocating
  3. We will keep you in your home longer
  4. We will get you an official letter from the bank with forgiveness of debt in writing
  5. Tax Relief Act extended to end of 2013
  6. You can buy again in 2 years or less at today's low prices
  7. We will help you find a fantastic rental if needed
  8. It's never too late to do a Short Sale
  9. The bank can be very hard to deal with, NOT FOR US
  10. We will get you between $3,000 - $30,000 for relocating assistance
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