Most of us want to make sure our investments are going to help pave the way to a comfortable retirement. The government encourages retirement investing by allowing, among other things, the Individual Retirement Account, or "IRA". Let's talk about IRAs:

Wall Street's Biggest Lie

The big investment firms on Wall Street tout the benefits of investing through an IRA. And they're right: IRAs can be great vehicles, given their tax-favored nature. However, the biggest lie on Wall Street is the "Self-Directed IRA". What they should call it is "The IRA where we dictate what you can put in it, because we know better." What a joke.

Sure, there are some investments that the government will not allow in your IRA; but there are a whole group of investments that the government is just fine with you putting in your IRA…but the fee-hungry investment firms don't want you to know about! Why? Because they don't get their fat fees from them!

Here's the truth:

You CAN invest in real estate through an IRA…but probably not through the one you already have! That's because if you set up your IRA through one of the major Wall Street firms, or your typical bank, you were sold a bill of goods that real estate was "not suitable". That's what they want you to believe, so you'll stop asking questions.

Did you know you can invest in the following types of real estate through a truly "self-directed" IRA:

  • Raw land
  • Single-family homes
  • Apartments
  • Mobile Homes
  • Commercial Property
  • Real estate notes
  • Mortgages
  • Tax liens

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By the way, you can invest for retirement and not put the investment in an IRA or any other type of tax-deferred vehicle. You simply invest with after-tax dollars.

Remember, we're not your attorney or tax advisor. We suggest that you check with them about any investment you're thinking about making.

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